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Correspondents, representatives sought for news magazine

News Correspondents

Do you have an urge to write and a story to tell? If you have an interest in online journalism you might consider submitting articles to NABC.


We are looking for part-time and occasional contributors to add articles on business, economic, cultural, sporting, technological, polítical and social affairs across the continent.

Of course, the main focus of the magazine is the experience of persons of color, their companies and organizations. Topics of interest include starting a business, regional experience, local customs, keeping or losing ties to one's culture during relocation, furthering one's education..., and the list goes on.

In addition to writing such articles, we ask our contributors to contribute to the calendar and to help build the online directory of businesses and organizations in your region. (Helping to build the directory is also an opportunity to earn sales commissions.)

Note that our goal is to integrate such businesses and organizations into the US mainstream, so we welcome articles about businesses and organizations of all communities.

Initial Compensation

We're happy to share our tools and even some of our proceeds with our writers. Initially, payment must be largely in kind while we build up our advertiser base.

(1) Website. Every participating writer will receive a website initially set up as a web log (blog), complete with a calendar, spam-free contact form, and image gallery. We will initialize your site as soon as we accept and publish your first article. These sites are expandable to full-featured business sites and are inexpensively priced. To qualify for the free site, the author must submit at least two articles per month, of which at least one must be accepted for publication.

(2) Professional Credit. Contributing authors will be identified in our staff list and will have a personal page in the magazine. Selected articles may qualify for a by-line. All articles will be linked to the staff page, forming a credit list that may be valuable to the writer as part of a professional résumé.

Standard Compensation

(1) Stringer Fees. Once we reach a threshold of revenue, we will pay for each article accepted and published and for accompanying photos we use, with an optional bonus. Contributions to online posting forums or blogs do not count as articles. To qualify for payment articles must be read and approved by the editorial board and published in one of the news or editorial sections. Articles of exceptional merit may qualify for a bonus. All articles submitted become the property of this site once published unless we release that right within 30 days of submission. Writers must attest to originality and copyright.

(2) Profit Sharing. Each year we reserve a proportion of any profit for distribution to writers based on their proportional contribution to our article database in the same year. The amount is to be determined annually by management.

Employment Status

All occasional writers will be treated as independent contractors. Unless otherwise agreed, you will not be an employee of NABC or any of its providers. You must have your own computer and access to the Internet.

How to Apply

To be considered as a writer, please fill out and send our inquiry form. We will reply promptly.

Ad Sales Representatives

Advertising representatives sell products ranging from simple directory listings to complete web sites. Openings and opportunities are continuous. Persons with ad and Internet sales experience are preferred.


A commission of fifteen to fifty percent is paid on original sales; the specific commission is based on contract value and on the amount of customer service, content management and retention effort required. Contract values range from under $100 to several thousand dollars per year. Renewal (residual) commissions are paid on selected products and follow-on sales while the representative remains actively involved.


See the advertising page(s) for product descriptions.

How to Apply

Please complete our application form.

Design and Support Sites with NABC

NABC offers web designers a solid platform on which to develop and manage any number of sites. Using our browser-based Sitemaker CRM℠™ system, a designer can rapidly prototype and develop a site that is intended for easy maintenance of content by the client. Turn over content responsibility to your users while you build a large client base. Share service and support revenue with NABC, taking the major share when you provide all user liaison and content support. Services are provided in cooperation with our partner Clark Internet.