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Why Use Sitemaker to Design Sites?
There are many benefits to Sitemaker for an experienced designer. They boil down to:

Complete Data Management

All your content is maintained by the Sitemaker database. Nothing falls off the site in the night. Move components around on pages and see the results instantly. Copy pages as models or create page templates for repeated use. Make changes from any web browser anywhere.

You can even publish an online edition of a community newspaper or the news magazine of a business, social or professional organization. Just add our Journalmaker™ package and manage editions, sections, authors and advertising.

Solid Navigation

Sitemaker maintains structured lists of pages and articles. These appear respectively as tables of contents or article lists, which are maintained in the Sitemaker database with all links to referrers and subordinated pages. This means that you don't have to maintain a navigation table or remember where you put a page in a folder full of files.

Rapid Development

You can use Sitemaker for a finished site or just use it for rapid prototyping.

Grab a template and start filling in data (text, graphics...). Choose supplemental tools like article lists, gallery, forms... Your site will come together in a few minutes.

Now go back and be more selective about backgrounds, colors, graphics, fonts... Your site will assume a unique identity quickly.

You can build many sites in the time you formerly used to build one. Take a break - five minutes or a month - all of them will be there when you return. And you can make changes from anywhere without access to your personal computer; it's all web-based.

Do you give up anything? The answer is a qualified yes. If you're really good with page design, you may be able to define page layouts that Sitemaker does not have - yet. You may be able to apply esoteric features that haven't yet made their way into common practice. And your ISP may allow you access to certain parts of your server that we keep restricted on our shared platform, such as certain scripting techniques and server-side includes that we strictly control.

That said, we believe that Sitemaker can deliver over 80 percent of the page layout and design options one can do with ordinary "code and load" procedures. And if you know HTML and its derivatives you can add visual complexity with cascading style sheets in selected sites, pages or components. Is a bit of training required? Yes. Is it expensive or time consuming? No.

Sitemaker is for every person, but it's not for every site. However, even custom sites on our platform can take advantage of tools like newsletters and galleries. Sitemaker is very flexible, and it's highly likely we can adapt to your requirements.