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NABC Web Publishing Affiliates
We have three affiliate programs known respectively as the ISO, designer and venue programs.

The ISO (independent sales organization) program requires a basic understanding of the nature of the service and experience with business to business sales.

In the designer program, a qualified web designer replaces the Sitemaker team as the provider of text and graphics support services and of technical support for do-it-yourself clients whose sites are created under the designer's auspices.

The venue program is intended for businesses or organizations that need to provide sites to their constituents. E.g., a church might provide family sites to its parishioners, a school to its teachers or students, or a mortgage or realty brokerage to its loan officers or agents. Each venue is required to maintain a contractual minimum number of users and to arrange for design services from among its own resources or arrange a fee-based support program with Clark Internet Publishing. The venue must provide all services associated with the ISO and designer programs. Interested parties should contact Clark IP for more information on venue programs.


In addition to the obvious benefit of new revenue, Sitemaker provides new and useful ways for affiliates to develop relationships with their existing clientele and new prospects.

ISOs may, for example, want to consider providing a web site to their clients as part of another package program.

Designers may wish to take advantage of Sitemaker to provide a large number of low-maintenance sites to develop recurrent core revenue to supplement intermittent design projects. Many small sites that might previously have required laborious coding can be supported in Sitemaker. OR Sitemaker can be used for rapid prototyping to develop content for export to other platforms.

Venues can build member loyalty by providing the valuable benefit of a web site to their constituents. Even those with existing professional sites will appreciate the opportunity to identify with their organization or business.

All affiliates are encouraged to submit design suggestions and templates for incorporation into Sitemaker's growing set of appearance options. All adopted templates become available to all Sitemaker users and increase the utility of the product for all.

Why Sitemaker instead of...?

"But couldn't I just make web sites by uploading text files with FTP or using (your favorite formatting program).?" Of course. To read about why Sitemaker is often a better solution, click here.


The ISO program provides for a commission on the sale of sites and related design services by Sitemaker and on monthly publishing service revenue. Compensation is generally half of setup fees, ten percent of monthly publishing fees and ten percent on creative service fees. No technical services are required.

The Designer program includes the ISO program, and the designer is free to add creative services whose fees are the property of the designer. Venues receive a flat amount (at least five dollars) per month for each user who creates a site through the venue. The Designer and Venue programs may be combined.

Additional information on compensation is available by request. Please use our Inquiry form.
Free Trial

If you are experienced in web design and want to do it yourself, just start with a free trial. In all regular programs, price is for hosting and technical support and use of our expanding tool chest that makes editing and maintenance easy, with no technical skill required. Includes unlimited use of the CIP Sitemaker Editing Suite. Temporary limits apply during your 30-day trial to articles or general purpose pages, guest book entries, calendar events, images, contact form, article/document lists (newsletter, reports...). No implementation, creative support or technical assistance is provided, but the Editing Suite has extensive, context-sensitive help and a tutorial. Ask your representative how to get a free trial.

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